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Book project - Détails

Détails is the continuation of a personal approach long underway, initiated in several previous books. The materials, the graphics, the pace and the architecture of nature are a source of never-ending fascination. The images are aesthetic and poetic analogies of abstract painting. Quotes from literature and poetry on nature and art take flight throughout.

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Book project - Madagascar, Traversée de la grande île

This photography books is a complete view of the different geographic and human aspects of Madagascar, yet it is much more than a simple guide to the island. It presents a very real and sensitive vision of the island of Madagascar, a place of both poverty and richness whose future is increasingly at stake as its tourism attraction continues to develop. This book will include a preface by Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, whose abiding love for Madagascar is well-known, and texts by Arnaud Bonnefoy, writer for the "Petit Futé" series who long worked in Madagascar and knows it well.

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Artisans du Maroc

Although several books have been written on crafts in Morocco, no work had yet focused on the people who labour in the shadow of their narrow workshops, courtyards and studios, the men who create masterpieces and perpetuate age-old traditions - the craftsmen of Morocco.
The eye is entranced by the men, their tools and the magic wrought by their hands. The photography pays tribute to the craftsmen and the dignity of their work. Texts by Ahmed Sefrioui give insight into the ancient traditions and expertise, true cultural heritage.

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Traces is Laurent Pinsard's invitation to his readers to follow him and open their eyes to a new vision of nature. Shape, colour and movement are captured under different angles, under different lights. The splendour of our natural world is amplified by Pinsard's talent and understanding and comes across to readers as magnificently obvious. Texts by Jean-Claude Carrière accentuate these traces of life.

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In Vie, published in 1971, in black and white, essentially and powerfully graphic, Laurent Pinsard widens the scale of his photographs. And as the subject becomes more figurative the focus also shifts to the grain of the print, the thickness of the line, the contrast, the assembly... and the photographer adds movement and poetry to his images.

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Eau sable et bois

Laurent Pinsard's first book offers a choice of photos of water, sand and wood taken in situ. The utterly graphic aspect of the images, the black and white shots and the quality of the printing all combine to turn these photographs into abstract art, mysterious script, dream sequences. Published in 1967 with a foreword by sculptor François Stahly, the photographs are accompanied by poems composed by Anne de Staël as she journeyed through these images.

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